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Loyalty Cards

Great taste has its rewards!

Because our customers inevitably become long-term patrons of Prairie Oasis Farm, we in turn have rewarded their fervor through our loyalty program.

Loyalty cards are awarded, and milestones are earned, based upon purchases in excess of $50.

Full terms for our loyalty program are listed below.

Loyalty Program & Terms

  • You must spend $50 per order to receive a punch. This is the total from one invoice.

  • You can receive 1 punch for every $50 spent. If your order is $120, you will receive 2 punches.

  • Order totals and punches are applied for each individual drop. We do not count anything over toward your next purchase.

  • Cannot be combined with any other offer if your subtotal is less than $50.  For instance, if you refer a friend, receive $10 off and your subtotal is now less than $50, you will not receive a punch. If you refer a friend and your subtotal is still over $50, you will receive a punch.

  • Forgotten cards will not be punched the next time. You are welcome to ask for another card and start a second one, but we will not keep track to credit your account with a punch at another time.

  • To redeem you must write the name that you use to place orders on the back of your card, we will then apply the credit to your next order. Credit remains on your account until used. No expiration.

  • Loyalty Cards are not redeemable for cash. It is only a credit placed on your account for subsequent orders.

  • Cannot be transferred to another person.

  • No expiration date. Any unfinished cards will carry over year to year.

  • Prairie Oasis Farm reserves the right to revoke access to these loyalty cards at any time if deemed necessary.​

  • Refer a friend (a first time purchaser) and you and your friend will receive a $ 10.00 credit on you order.

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